The environment at Balls Paddock Children’s Centre is unique!  Situated above Bulli Football Club we have the great pleasure in accessing the football field, club house and surrounding bush area. We are fortunate enough to be able to use these areas for leaf hunts, little bush walks, inservice experiences such as magic shows and puppets shows, soccer clinics and sporting events.

The outdoor space provides children with the opportunity to be in a garden, spending time imagining and most of all having fun! We have a newly built extension to our outdoor yard that includes two chickens, a forte, yarning circle, bushtucker garden and mud kitchen. We have a strong love and resect of the environment and want to pass this onto the children.

As you walk around the centre you will experience a sense of beauty and love of the environment. The environment is the third teacher and reflects the interests of the children. The materials within the centre have been set up to provide concrete learning experiences underpinned by consistency, stability and security.

The indoor environment caters for the developmental stages of the children. With three rooms named the Turtle, Dragonfly and Bellfrog rooms, the children have the opportunity to grow and develop with appropriate, stimulating and challenging resources. The resources spark and enhance the children’s play and leisure. 

Staff are seen as educators and act as researchers observing children as they engage with each other and their environment. Staff ensure the needs and interests of the children are catered for. Together children, staff, families and the community set the direction of investigations and projects.